To me the shape and form of the natural world is something that I find fascinating. I try to focus on the subjects defining features and then spend time narrowing them down to its simplest form.

Growing up in Dorset I developed an interest in wildlife. This led the way towards studying Conservation. After finishing my degree I spent some time on a wildlife research expedition in South Africa.

Whilst travelling in Canada I was inspired by the way the Native American artists depicted their wildlife and have tried to emulate aspects of their style. It was there that I sold my first picture, or rather swapped it for a Native American bracelet.

On returning I Moved to the Isle of Wight and started working with the birds of prey at Appuldurcombe house. Learning the art of falconry in 17th century surroundings proved to be most rewarding and provided me with unprecedented access to these fabulous creatures.

From there I moved back to the mainland and started working as a Countryside Ranger. Firstly on the restoration of a historic waterway and more recently on the Hampshire coastline.

I would love to hear from you and am happy to chat if you want to learn more.


Alex Foy